6 Luxury Cars You Can Store in Car Storage Dubai Unit

Owning an exotic or luxury car is a lifestyle that comes with considerable maintenance responsibilities, one of which is how such cars are stored. This is one of the reasons many luxury vehicle owners or dealers keep them in storage facilities like an exotic car pack when they’re not in use.

Luxury autos are like artworks. They are methodically crafted, and treasured with special attention and specific storage options. So, whatsoever the reason for your time away from your luxury vehicle, you need to keep it in a storage facility to maintain its top condition and for maximum safety. However, the big question is my car suitable for storing in-car storage facilities? If yes, how?

This article explores the different types of luxury cars that brilliant car storage services Dubai can help you with and how they do so. So, let’s get right in!

Some Luxury Cars You Can Store in a Car Storage Dubai unit


Nothing compares to the feeling of driving an Audi car in Dubai. From its elegant design to powerful features and premium build quality, this German made car delivers the ultimate driving experience for any trip. Audi cars are built with outstanding attention to detail and a plethora of standard luxury features that include:


Jaguar cars are sleek, powerful – and quintessentially FAST. If you own or drive one, then you appreciate the finest things in life and already know the importance of safety and engineering in a vehicle. Popular in Dubai, Jaguar offer high-end features and amenities that make the driving experience more enjoyable.

Other notable features of Jaguar are:


Few cars in Dubai can take you from 0 to 100 in just a matter of seconds. The BMW is one of them. Owning a BMW car can be an expensive luxury and one sure feeling you get from driving one is confidence. BMWs are remarkable for innovative safety features and come with a blend of sporty design and distinction.

Some features include:

Range Rover

Having a Range Rover in Dubai is a matter of intense pride. From its sumptuous leather interiors to genteel sportiness, sitting behind the wheel of any is a feeling like no other. Few luxury cars can keep up with a Range Rover timeless popularity when it comes to its many innovative features that make it a pleasure to drive. These features include;


If there is one car that is synonymous with pure luxury, it’s Bentley motors. These opulent cars offer a compelling blend of engineering performance and lavishly luxurious features for a pleasant drive. For convenience and safety, Bentley cars are built a long list of advanced safety and technology features. They include:


Flashy and fun to drive, Porsche cars are high performance luxury vehicles that satisfy our need for speed and desire to be seen. They come built with world-class materials and expertly tuned engines that produce symphonic sounds that can be heard on roads across Dubai.

Other features of Porsche cars

Do you have any of these luxury cars in Dubai, and looking to travel, relocate, or engage in any activity that won’t warrant its use for at least 3 months? Then, it would be best to consider choosing luxury car storage Dubai to help keep them safe and secure.

While we’ve gone through everything you need to know about long-term luxury car storage Dubai in this article, below are the top ways an efficient car storage facility can help keep your luxury car in top condition.

Ways A Car Storage Dubai Unit Can Help Protect Your Luxury Car

Enhanced Security

Luxury cars cost a lot; security should be your topmost concern when considering storing them for an extended period. While self-storage services typically have basic security measures, a luxury car storage facility will prioritize the following security measures:

Consider a storage unit where the storage staff car specialists will help your vehicle maintain its beauty via regular detailing, clear bras, custom vinyl wraps, ceramic coatings, etc. This is important to ensure your car stays aesthetically and mechanically in the best condition.

It’s also essential that your vehicle is covered and safe from dust and rust, which are prone to accumulating if you fail to invest in the proper preventative maintenance during long-term storage. Some of the routine maintenance carried out at any efficient car storage in Dubai include:

Ideal Conditions for Your Luxury Cars

As you’re looking for a perfect storage facility for your luxury car, ensure it focuses on the building conditions. Preferably, your vehicle should be stored in a covered, climate-controlled area to preserve its original condition.

The temperature should range between 55 and 85 degrees (F) to ensure your car’s interior, paint, and other features stays in pristine condition. Unfortunately, most self-storage units don’t have these characteristics, which can be detrimental to your luxury car if not considered.

The ideal condition for storing your luxury cars may include:

Bring Your Luxury Cars Down to Vachi Car Storage Dubai

The last section of this article explores how a car storage Dubai facility can help keep your luxury car(s) in top condition when not in use over a long period. However, only the best and most efficient car storage services Dubai can help achieve these benefits; otherwise, you may risk more significant damage to your valuable asset.

And this is where Vachi Storage comes in. Here in Dubai, we provide the most secure, climate-controlled, and inexpensive car storage facility for luxury car owners and dealers. Are you still unsure how our Dubai car storage can help store your luxury cars long-term? Why not speak with our expert consultants to identify how we can best solve your luxury car storage needs.