Essential Moving and Packing Supplies for Self-Storage

6 Packing Supplies You Need When Using Self-Storage

You might never have imagined reading an article about moving and packing solutions. That is only natural. After all, packing your items and moving them to another location hardly seems like a special task.

Such thoughts usually remain until the time comes for you to move. When you consider different factors needed to ensure that your belongings maintain tip-top shape during the move, you realize there is much to learn.

Do not worry. We’ve got you. This article covers some essential packing supplies you’ll need to properly move your stuff into a self-storage Dubai unit.

Get these packing supplies as you prepare to move

There are various storage solutions Dubai providers, and it is up to you to decide the ones to use. In any case, you must get your belongings from where they currently are to the storage unit.

Part of preparing for the move is getting certain packing supplies together to help you with the process. Note that although general packing supplies apply for most items, you can get some extra materials to help move specific items safely.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are arguably the most popular packing supply. You do not have to say much for anyone who sees you with such boxes to know you are planning a relocation.

Did you know that moving boxes come in various sizes? They range from small to extra-large, and each size has specific items they will best transport. There are even oversized boxes called wardrobe boxes with a hanging bar. You can use those to pack clothes directly from your closet without getting them off the hangers.

It is easy to think that you can improvise moving boxes with other boxes around the house. May be those from shipping food or other items. However, your best bet any day is to get new boxes just for that purpose. You need sturdy enough boxes to ensure they do not break open during the move.

General advice when using moving boxes is to keep similar items together. The idea is to ensure that your overall luggage is compact and easy for you when unloading. Another tip is to label your boxes or keep a list of the items in each box.

Another good practice is to avoid over packing the moving boxes. Again, this makes it easy to move when you get your self-storage Dubai unit while guaranteeing its integrity.


You’ve got your boxes, and the items have been arranged neatly inside them. The next step is to seal them up and prevent your belongings from spilling out. You could also use your tape to reinforce your boxes and make it much harder to be affected by the movement shocks.

There are different kinds of tape you could use. Regular shipping tape is adequate; you could use this for most of your packing. It is also inexpensive, and you can trust it to get the job done. However, you could also use masking tape. Asides from helping you get a good seal on your boxes, it also doubles as a labeling solution since you can write on it. Then, there is the all-purpose duct tape. Duct tape can reinforce your boxes, especially when they contain heavier items. This, it does, in addition to providing a tight seal.

Using tape can get tedious when you continuously look for its ends. It may be better for you to get a tape gun to make taping easier. With this, you can quickly sort out many boxes in less time. Saving time is always welcome during packing.

Bubble Wrap

Do you recall seeing fragile items like glass utensils packed with bubble wrap? There is a reason for this. There is usually a lot of attrition and shocks when transporting items. These external physical forces could lead to minor and significant damage to more delicate items.

Bubble wrap serves as a cushion for the items through those bubbles that are fun to pop. That’s why it is common to see different fragile items, especially glass, packed with it. For best effects, you too could imbibe this efficient practice for you.

You can pair the bubble wraps with dividers to increase the cushion effect. Another packing supply that can result replace the bubble wrap is packing peanuts. With this one, you only need to fill the boxes with enough peanuts and place your items inside them for the cushioning effect.

Furniture Covers

This packing supply is easily understood. Furniture covers are typically made of plastic and protect your furniture against several elements. Apart from protection against wear and tear, it also keeps dust, dirt, water, and other chemicals at bay. Furthermore, some furniture covers are designed to provide ventilation and prevent moisture build-up on your furniture. You should know that these furniture covers protect different pieces of furniture, including mattresses.


If you require a softer covering for your furniture, you could opt for blankets instead of plastic furniture covers. Moving blankets are typically used for large materials and usually require straps or ropes to secure them on the item. However, there is a need for caution when using moving blankets. Use them only if you are sure they will not come across water, as blankets are not usually waterproof.


When looking out for the best self-storage Dubai facility to use, one factor that ranks very highly is security. After placing your items in your unit, you need a lock to secure the storage unit until you next need it. Agreed! Some self-storage Dubai units come with a lock, but getting yours ready when you purchase packing supplies is not out of place. 

A regular padlock will do the job just fine, but you may want a little fancy and go for a disk lock with a round shape. A cylinder lock is also on the books for you as they are easy to operate, even if a bit more costly.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, a list of the essential packing supplies you will need when moving to a self-storage Dubai unit. There are several storage companies you could look out for to help you with the finer points when packing up your belongings.

Vachi Storage ranks high on the list of best storage solutions Dubai companies. We know that moving your things to a self-storage unit also means a lot of planning and preparation checklist. That’s why we offer a wide selection of quality moving and packing supplies to make your move easier. You’ll find everything from heavy-duty packing boxes to packing tapes, bubble wraps, tape guns, and more.

To order your moving and packing supplies for pick up at Vachi Storage, contact us through our helpline or stop by our self-storage Dubai facilities today.