How Hot Weather Affects Your Car (And How a Car Storage Dubai unit can help)

Whether you live in the mountains, near the ocean, or desert, there are a lot of factors that can cause damage to your car.

One factor we certainly can’t control is the weather Of course, we can predict it and prepare for heat waves, rain or storms. However, there are times when the weather can be downright unpredictable.

Dubai’s weather can be very pleasant and favorable. But while it provides an ideal atmosphere to enjoy the great outdoors, so does it come with lots of sunshine. From battery failure to tire blowout and more, intense heat can spell trouble for your car, costing you big bucks in repairs and replacement.

That’s why understanding how high temperatures affect your luxury car is one of the most important parts of keeping them safe in the summer.

In this post, we’ll deep dive into common hot-weather car problems, the reasons behind them, and how a car storage Dubai unit can help.

How Do Hot Weather Conditions Affect your Car?

Every driver knows how damaging low temperatures can be on their vehicle, but high temperature scan be equally as damaging. Dubai’s hot climate can severely impact your car’s performance and safety. However, the damage can be much worse for those that leave their car in direct sunlight.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Your Battery

There’s nothing awful than starting your car engine and hearing — nothing! It’s even worse if you’re stuck under the sun – one of two times when your battery is under severe stress.

Car batteries contain liquids that run dry when you leave your car in bare sunlight and high temperatures. When this happens, heat causes damage to the internal structures of your battery,making it difficult to hold a charge.

As your battery fluid and components get zapped up, corrosion also occurs. When corrosion goes too far, you have no choice but to replace it since it will be unsafe, costing you time and money.

Your Car’s Exterior

Does leaving your car in direct sunlight cause a serious problem when it comes to a car’s paint job and windshield? Short answer – Yes!

If you’ve ever come across a car with a peeling paint cover, it’s because it has seen a lot of UV damage from sun exposure.As a result, the shiny part of the paint slowly came off, leaving behind the bare color.

Sunshine can make us feel wonderful, but leaving your car indirect sunlight for extended periods can cause serious damage to its paint job. Over time, the sunlight weakens the glossy coat until it oxidizes, causing your car paint job to blister or chip away.

Like paint covers, windshields are also prone to damage when left parked in direct sunlight overtime. This is because they expand in hot temperatures and can go through cracking during extreme temperature swings.

Your Tires

Leaving your car parked on hot pavement can seriously affect its tires. And while they may appear safe to drive on at first, it can be very dangerous.

When sitting under the bare sun, the heat of direct sunlight increases your tires’ air pressure causing over-inflation and, in extreme cases, expanding the tire wall. Also, tires are made with natural and synthetic rubber threads that can crack, split or leak when exposed to high temperatures. Known as heat rot, this condition is one of the reasons why car tires have date codes to provide details on how old they are for road worthiness.

Belt and Hoses

Car belts and hoses are essential to the operation of your vehicle engine. Whether you drive a convertible, sports car, or sedan, they are like arteries that keep your car cool by sending vital fluids from one engine component to another.

When you leave your car exposed to extremely hot weather, it can accelerate the wear and tear on your hoses and belts by increasing their expansion rate. This can potentially be very dangerous as a busted belt or hose will lead to an overheated radiator, engine failure,and even loss of steering control.

Oil & Fluids

If you’ve ever worked out in the hot summer months, you probably kept a water bottle close to avoid burnout. Similarly, monitoring your car’s fluids is always important as cars depend on oil and fluids to stay running during hot periods.

When left in direct sunlight,the oil circulating around their engine will become less dense due to extreme heat. If this happens in your car’s engine, friction between moving parts will increase, leading to engine failure.

Reducing the risk of hot weather damage

Dubai’s hot weather season can be harsh on your car, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little safety and protection on your part, you can help ensure the reliability of your vehicle for years to come.

So, what can you do to ensure your luxury vehicle is safe and protected during Dubai’s hot summer months?

Well, here are a few things to consider.

  • Use a car storage Dubai unit so that the engine and temperatures are cooler from the get-go
  • Check your car’s tire and tread pressure regularly
  • Change your oil and fill it with a thicker type. 
  • Take combined trips whenever possible to drive less often during hot summer months

How Vachi Storage can help

Renting a car storage Dubai unit is a great way to keep your car in great condition during Dubai’s hot summer months. Not only will your car stay in pristine condition, but it will be stored out of the sun’s harmful rays. And the best part is that you can easily take your luxury car out whenever the weather is less hot.

Here at Vachi Storage, we provide affordable and highly secure climate-controlled storage units for anyone looking to protect their luxury vehicle. All our car storage Dubai units offer superior protection from the elements and are available in various sizes to fit your storage needs.

With experienced professionals, optimum temperature conditions,and battery conditioning features, you can rest assured that your car will receive the right kind of specialized care. To learn more about our car storage Dubai services, available units, or rates, please contact our storage experts today.