Cars are one of the most valuable assets in the world, and just like other properties, they need to be kept safe and secure.

Understandably, acquiring a luxury car gives a sense of achievement alongside a high protective instinct. Most car owners want the assurance that their cars are out of danger of any kind. And this is where a luxury car storage Dubai unit comes in handy.

Most luxury car owners choose to store their cars for several reasons, whether to create extra garage space, protect their car during harsh weather conditions or more. However, regardless of the reason, security is a typical concern amongst several storage users. Therefore, the big question is, are luxury car storage Dubai facilities safe or otherwise?

How Safe Is A Luxury Car Storage Dubai Unit

Well, yes, most credible luxury car storage facilities understand the sensitivity associated with operating one and consequently ensure the security of possessions in their care are adequately catered to.

But how do they do it? This article comprehensively examines the various safety measures that credible and top-tier car storage services employ. So let’s get right into it!

Top Safety Measures Used by Car Storage Dubai Companies

There are several ways storage facilities use to protect luxury cars. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pest Control

To insects, your car is not different from your home. They find cars warmer, with several hiding spaces to hide from predators and possible access to food. Consequently, almost all pests can find their way into a car. Car pest control will protect you from unnecessary and costly damage repairs that insects may cause.

Most especially in winter, insects, birds, and even rodents are most likely to infect your car because they will be looking for a warm place to hide during this period. Using a car storage Dubai service will save your luxury car in such situations. In addition, a good car storage facility will ensure your car is regularly fumigated to avoid any pest infection.

  • Fully Approved Sprinkler System

According to Science Direct, a sprinkler system consists of pipes along a ceiling containing water under pressure, with an additional water source for a constant flow. A Sprinkler system is used to control or suppress fire and also detect heat in car storage.

A fire outbreak is a natural disaster that can happen anytime. We cannot envision when there will be a fire outbreak, so it is always safer to protect your car from this possible loss. Not preparing for such unforeseen circumstances will cost you more as a luxury car owner. Getting the services of a good storage car unit will ensure this does not happen.

  • Monitored Individual Door Alarm

Luxury cars are expensive. Other than a house, perhaps, few purchases can be compared to a new car. And just like other expensive assets, luxury cars have an associated secondary cost: the risk of threat. A monitored door alarm helps to track your vehicle’s location, overall health, and,more importantly, how safe it is for use.

Using a car storage unit with a monitored alarm system will also help lower your car insurance premium and give you peace of mind knowing that your car is safe when you are not around.

  • CCTV-Monitored 24/7

A car storage Dubai facility like Vachi Storage will ensure that your vehicle is monitored 24/7, allowing you to continue your daily routines with the confidence that your car is being watched.

Having your vehicle under surveillance will help provide camera footage of evidence of every activity that happens around your luxury car. Apart from aiding your security consciousness, it also saves you from possible stress.

Ensure you choose a car storage facility with 24-hour security management as your car is more likely to be the target of robbery and theft. You can’t afford to have your luxury car parked or kept anywhere unsecured.

  • Full Air Conditioned

Due to the constant use of heaters in winter, your car might get overheated. Heat interferes with a car’s ability to operate—several problems such as battery failure, tire pressure damage, etc. Similarly, moisture can seep into the crevices of your engine and cause further damage.

Air conditioning helps promote dry air in your engine. For instance, defrosting your front windshield while your car temperature is hot is much faster when you turn on your car’s A/C system. Your luxury car must be under full air condition at all times to avoid any damage to your car. A credible car storage Dubai facility always makes provision for this.

  • Dust-Free

You wouldn’t want your car to get dusty every time and lose its impressive shine. A dusty car is the perfect breeding ground for insects and allergens. Besides causing breathing discomfort, dust may trigger skin allergies, making the time spent in your car less enjoyable.

Wrapping Up

Your car’s safety and maintenance should be your topmost priority as a luxury car owner. A car that is not properly maintained and kept secure will only cost its owner more.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, luxury car storage Dubai services are safe. But, of course, not all. Therefore, you must ensure your luxury car storage partners meet your security needs. Thankfully, the tips explored in this article will help you make a better-informed decision.

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