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People keep furniture in self-storage Dubai units for several reasons. While some might be moving temporarily, some store their furniture because they are downsizing their homes or undertaking a major renovation project.

Regardless of the reason, your best option is to store your furniture somewhere safe until it is needed. Furniture takes up a lot of space, typically representing the largest home investment.

The same applies to businesses. Companies tend to accumulate a lot of extra materials and equipment over time, and finding the space to store everything can be challenging. A self-storage Dubai unit can provide business owners the additional space to ensure operational continuity.

Preparing furniture for storage Dubai unit is an essential part of protecting your furniture while in storage. Furniture can last several decades in the right environment, but it can easily succumb to varying weather conditions or physical damage if stored improperly.

This article comprehensively reviews expert-proven tips that will help you properly prepare your furniture for storage. Let’s dive right in!  

Decide Where to Store Your Furniture

Some self-storage options are more suitable for certain items than others. For example, it’s unwise to keep wood and leather in the garage or shed for long because they are highly vulnerable to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

More importantly, before storing, ensure there is enough space. Humidity is another essential factor when deciding where to keep your furniture. You can consider buying a humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary.

Clean Your Furniture Before Storage

Another important thing you should do when preparing your furniture for storage is clean them thoroughly. Ensure you wipe the dust off your items and empty the drawers. Any dust or dirt on the furniture surface may result in damage or permanent stains after a prolonged storage period.

It is advisable to prepare wooden furnishings by sealing or applying a wood polish, preventing them from any damage. Keep the furniture in a well-ventilated area until it dries up; moisture remains may cause mold growth or discoloration over time.

Similarly, upholstered chairs and sofas, whether fabric or leather, should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to preserve their smell and, more importantly, ensure it remains in excellent condition.

Also, keep your furniture dry while storing, and you can be sure to receive it dry and in great condition. If your furniture is stored wet, condensation will likely cause mold growth.

Dissemble Everything You Can

Before moving your furniture to a self storage Dubai unit, dismantle large furniture into pieces. Dissemble items like tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, desks, etc. This way, you can maximize space while ensuring the safety of every stored item. This tip is vital if you own irregular-shaped pieces of furniture like corner sofas or sizeable dining room tables.

You can also consider grouping disassembled items together to ensure an easier and less-tasking unpacking. Also, remember to put screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and other minuscule pieces in labeled bags. 

Polish Leather to Protect Them Against Drying and Cracking

Leather is made from a tough hide and must be protected to maintain its quality and color. Quality leather can last a lifetime if handled properly. Vacuum your leather furniture to remove any crumbs, then dust it if necessary to remove any lingering dirt.

Dried leather can wrinkle, crack or lighten over time. Use a leather conditioner, saddle soap, or oil to polish, as it will add a layer of protection to your leather items.

Protect The Corners

Use a reliable removal service when you prepare to move your items. However, even the best removal companies might have difficulty moving your furniture if you don’t protect your valuable items. Your furniture might break or be damaged in transit if not adequately protected.

Wrap clean blankets and draw sheets with bubble wrap around valuable items. This will protect their corners and edges during moving.

Create an Inventory List of All Items 

Amid the back-and-forth associated with moving, it is easier to forget what you put in your storage Dubai unit. Ensure you create an inventory of all the items you plan to store before packing your belongings. This will allow you to keep up with everything in an organized way. Write all items on your list, from bookshelves to stools, shoe racks, tables, chairs, etc.

It is advisable to keep a copy of your inventory list for yourself and leave one inside the storage unit. This way, you will have your inventory list to cross-check your items whenever you are ready to pull your furniture out of storage.

Label Boxes Clearly

Keeping sizable furniture parts in Cardboard boxes is another brilliant option to consider. However, since you don’t know what is inside a cardboard box, you must label each one carefully to avoid mixing items up.

Knowing how to handle a box is difficult if you don’t know what is inside. Even adequately packed and wrapped breakables can get broken from a mishandled box. Labeling a box as fragile can remind the movers to handle the item with care.

Safeguard Items from Moisture & Weather Conditions

Even if your chosen storage Dubai facility is climate controlled, you must still take appropriate measures to ensure maximum protection of your furniture from harsh weather conditions. Changes in weather climate can cause mold growth, moisture, or dust on your items if they are not properly protected.

First, ensure that all your items are dry. Then apply protective spray on furniture and leather pieces. Seal boxes tightly to keep moisture out while keeping mattresses in mattress bags, clothing in wardrobe boxes, and electronics and cords in plastic containers to prevent moisture damage.

Finding the Right Storage Solutions Dubai for Your Furniture

There are several factors to consider when finding the right storage Dubai unit for your furniture. First, and more importantly, ensure you choose a clean, dry, and secure storage facility. Other factors to consider include:

Individually Alarmed Unit: An individually alarmed unit will immediately inform the operator of a breach on any items.

Cool and Dry Space: The importance of keeping your items in a cool and dry place cannot be overemphasized. More importantly, it will help prevent mold from growing on your furniture.

 24/7 Security CCTV: CCTV cameras lower the possibility of theft or other related activities. It’s a way to stay one step ahead of such occurrences. 

Well-Lit Corridors: To avoid accidents and to ensure overall safety, your self-storage passageway and corridors must be well-lit.

Self-storage Dubai facilities typically come in different sizes. Ensure you choose a storage facility with the right unit sizes that suits your needs. You can’t afford to force your furniture to fit a smaller space.

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