Packing and Moving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Packing and Moving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Many needs can arise, and as a business owner, you will have no other course but to change the location of your business.

Moving as a regular individual is potentially stressful enough. But when you have a business, your concerns are even more.

You have to ensure your new location is business-friendly, and your customers will have no difficulty locating you. You also must make arrangements for properly storing products and supplies without damage. You may also have to arrange the appropriate timing for such a move.

All these make moving as an entrepreneur particularly cumbersome.

In this article, we will try to show you some steps to take to make it all easier. You will also learn some tips you can use to get ahead and save time and costs.

Let’s get started.

First Things First

The decision to move has already been made. Now, you have all these products and office supplies to take care of while you look for your next location.

What do you do next? Rent a self-storage Dubai unit.

There are many reasons to consider using a storage solutions Dubai unit. Many storage companies offer flexible leases allowing you to keep your stuff anytime.

Searching for a new place can be time-consuming, making self-storage Dubai a better alternative as they provide ample space for business storage.

Many storage solutions Dubai companies even come with various options for your storage needs.

You can get a temperature- and humidity-controlled unit to store items more sensitive to harsh climates. There are also many size options, so you can get the perfect size option for the number of things you have to store, and this can save you some money.

Using a storage service in Dubai also allows you separate work from home. This is because your alternative to store your items may be your home. Apart from blurring the lines between working and relaxing with family, you also risk crowding out your home.

Another benefit of getting a storage unit is that it can double as an interim office. Many business owners already run their operations out of a storage unit.

Depending on the storage provider and the nature of your business, the facility managers can take deliveries on your behalf while you do other things. And suppose your facility is such that gives 24-hour access. In that case, you can get to your belongings without any worries about official hours.

Then, there is the security a storage unit provides. Self-storage security is a huge deal for the best storage companies in Dubai due to the valuable possessions stored at their facilities.

Like Vachi Storage, they come built with cutting-edge features, including video surveillance, keypad access, and door alarms, making it difficult for burglars to break in.

Next Steps…

Now that you have a business storage unit in Dubai. Your next step is to arrange to move your items into it. There are two options here. You can decide to move your items or hire a moving company to help you with it.

Deciding to pack and move your belongings often depends on how much time you have, your budget, and the relative ease of the process.

While you can always recourse to this option, hiring a moving company can save you a lot of stress. Also, using a reasonable moving and packing solution Dubai company will save you a lot of time – which may be more valuable than money. However, in considering movers, you should look out for several things.


Does your moving and packing solutions provider have general liability insurance? Do you have a safety net if there are damages during the move? Is there a defined step for your move, from packing up to unpacking at the new place, under your insurance claims?

These are questions you need answers to determine the suitability of the moving and packing solutions company. Naturally, the best options have broad insurance coverage that protects your business in case of unforeseen and unwanted events.

Moving Equipment

Before insurance comes into the picture, you want to know that a moving and packing solutions company has the right equipment to ensure all goes smoothly with the move.

The right equipment is a crucial indicator that the company is well prepared to handle your varying need. An array of equipment like hand trucks and carts with wheel locks may give you a good idea of the level of preparedness.


Reviews are another thing to pay close attention. Put enough effort into researching what other clients have to say about a moving and packing solutions provider. You can do this through the

internet or comments from colleagues who have used them. Such reviews give a good enough example of how they operate. However, you should keep in mind your experience may be unique.

On Your Part

Even if you’ve decided to hire a moving and packing solutions Dubai company to help with moving, there are some actions you can take too.

. For Example, If You are Storing Clothes, You May:

Avoid plastic bags. They usually come like that from the manufacturers. However, when going into storage, you should change them. The plastics trap moisture which may result in mold or smells. You should also ensure that all your items go into your self-storage Dubai unit clean.

· If You are Storing Furniture,

One of the best things you can do is to use a climate-controlled unit to protect the integrity of the furniture. You can easily picture how heat and high humidity can adversely affect wood, foam, and fabric furniture.

. If You are Storing Fragile Items, Like Fine China and Jewelry, you Should:

 Use strong containers for them. It serves as an added layer of protection. Of course, you must also line the containers with fillers like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to act as shock absorbers during the move.

Then, these items do best in climate-controlled units, so you should ensure it is such a storage Dubai unit you rent.

Wrapping Up

As an entrepreneur, when it becomes imperative to move, you must be decisive and make the best choices for your business. Remember, one of such excellent decisions is using a self-storage solutions Dubai company as a temporary home for your inventory.

Vachi Storage is one of the leading storage solutions providers in Dubai. We provide clean, affordable storage Dubai units for budding entrepreneurs needing extra inventory space.

All of our storage services come with moving and packing solutions to provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish. With cutting features and a reliable team of storage experts, we are ready to take on our next client – YOU.

Think your business can benefit from a self-storage Dubai units? Contact us to learn more about our solution today.