Locking your car in the garage is a practical way to keep a regularly used car safe and protected.

Throw on a cover and you can get away with leaving it idle for a week or two. But when you plan to be away from your car for a long time, you need something more secure. You need a car storage unit.

The steps below will help you do it the right way. So, you can come back to your car at its peak.  In this article, we will go over 8 tips to ensuring your car stays in top condition while its in a storage unit.

Clean Your Car

Before you put your car away, you should take the time out to thoroughly clean it. This applies to both the exterior and the interior of the car.

For the interior, pay attention to stains as they can become permanent if you leave them for long. Employ detergents when necessary to wash out stains and debris thoroughly. Also, consider vacuuming the floor mats and crevices.

The same goes for the exterior of the car. Removing mud, dirt, and grit from your car will protect the car’s painting and prevent rust. Clean under the wood and scrub the windshields. Try not to leave water stains.

If you find yourself stressing about giving the car a thorough cleaning — Having your moving and packing solutions to take a detour to the car wash will save you the trouble.


 Protect Your Car


Beyond cleaning the car, you will still have to ensure that the car is protected from the elements that can degrade it.

Even when your self-storage unit is closed, it is still a good idea to throw a car cover on the car for added protection. A car cover will protect your car from harmful elements including wind, dust, and water splashes. A breathable car cover will still allow some moisture so the paint does not get to dry and crack.

Remove your wiper blades as they are easily damaged. Wiper blades also tend to stick to the windshield when left for extended periods. You can also wax your car after cleaning it will keep it neat and sparkling.



Keep Pests Away


Pests and critters are like nothing more than an abandoned vehicle in a remote care storage unit. Taking measures against them will prevent them from ruining your efforts to keep your car in peak conditions.

Start by sealing your exhaust pipe to protect it from an invasion of rodents and birds. Cedar chips and mothballs are cheap and effective solutions. Apply the repellants generously around your car to keep pests and bugs away from the car.

Prevent Flat Tires


Flat tires are inevitable when a car is left in prolonged contact with the floor. To prevent flat spots, inflate all your tires to the optimal pressure. Wrapping them in cling wraps prevents contact with the floor and reduces the flattening rate.

However, if the car will be left in storage for significantly more than a month, you should take the tires off. You can also jack up the car to raise both the tire and suspension — this will shift the car’s weight to the jack, prevent flat spots, and protect the suspension components.

Carry out Maintenance for Long-Term Storage


For long-term storage, start by filling up the tank with gasoline. When you leave your car low on gas in storage, it becomes exposed to ethanol corrosion and moisture build-up causing rust. Adding a fuel stabilizer will keep the gasoline in good form for a long period.

Drain the car of used oil that would have been contaminated. Replace it with new oil to protect your engine and keep the internal components lubricated. Do the same for the brake fluid and coolant. In addition, top-up on antifreeze — especially if the car will be in storage over winter.

Release Parking Brake

The usual advice is to pull the parking brakes when you disembark from the car. However, releasing your parking brakes is vital to keep your brake pads functional when storing your car for extended periods.

Releasing the parking brake becomes necessary because the brake pad and rotors are prone to fuse when they are in contact for long. Use blocks or other heavy materials to chock your tires. You can also invest in a tire stopper to prevent the wheels from moving.

Perform Routine Check-ups


It is generally not a good idea to leave cars untended for long periods. An occasional visit to the storage unit can help you keep up with the conditions of the car.

While you are there, you should start the engine and try taking it out on a drive. Sparking life into the car every few weeks will keep the engine and electrical parts from degrading. This visit gives you the opportunity to ensure your self-storage unit is dry and has been free from pests. You also get to carry out maintenance on parts that need it and top up the fluids.

Final Thoughts


Now that you know what important steps to take before storing your car in a storage unit, it’s time to find the best storage company Dubai for your needs.

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