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Car Storage in Dubai.

6 signs you should know before storing your Vehicle!

Sending your car away to a car storage facility in Dubai can be a hard decision to make. While you might want to place it in your garage or drive it away, keeping it in a storage facility can be the best decision, especially if it’s not being used.

Whether you work on an oil rig, sea vessel, or are taking a vacation, there are moments when using a car storage service in Dubai would prove to be a wise move. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top scenarios when using a car storage facility in Dubai would be best.

If Your work away you need car storage service in Dubai

Perhaps the most common reason to use a car storage service in Dubai is if you are working away. Many scenarios can lead to these situations. You may be working away from home for extended periods on an oil rig, in a sea vessel,or perhaps you’re going on an official trip. Quite a lot of reasons, right?

Point is that you don’t want your car to be sitting out in the open, so sending it away to a car storage facility in Dubai makes a lot more sense. Not only will you rest easy knowing that your car is safe from weather elements, but you also don’t have to worry about it being stolen or vandalized.

You Own a Luxury Car

Another common reason to keep a car in storage is if you own a luxury car. Not only will a storage facility protect it from weather elements from theft, but it’ll also keep it safe from theft and vandalism.

If you drive a convertible, storing your car at a luxury car storage Dubai facility like Vachi Storage will ensure it’s safe from rainy or snowy winter days. Then, once winter is over, you’ll be able to take your convertible out of storage and enjoy those long drives with the top down.

You Have Many Cars

It might not be that you own a single car; it could be that you have a fleet of them and are searching for the best car storage places in Dubai to keep them. Vashi storage is the best option to keep your cars safe, secure, and away over an extended period.

When you’re finding customers, you don’t want to worry, and a highly secure car storage Dubai facility like Vachi will take away any stress.

If You Have Limited Garage Space, You need Car storage in Dubai

Keeping a car that’s not in use in your garage or drive way can be highly space-consuming, especially if you have limited space. This is where renting a car storage facility comes in handy. 

With your car stored away in one, you’ll enjoy far more space without worrying about its safety or care. Moreover, your car will be maintained in top condition, ensuring it’s ready to drive when you come to collect it.

It’s Winter

Driving a car during cold winter months can be brutal. Whether it’s a sports car or a convertible that simply can’t be left outside. The extreme weather elements of winter can be damaging.

Sending your car away to a storage place in Dubai is an excellent way to keep it in a safe condition during winter. Not only will your vehicle be secure from theft,but it will also be protected from any snow and ice that can damage cars when left outside.

You Are Leaving Home for A While

There are plenty of reasons why you might leave your car. Vacations, seeing family and friends – the list goes on and on.

But while cars are designed to be reliable and energy-efficient, they aren’t meant to be abandoned. Going on vacations without preparing and securing your car could lead to many problems once you get back. And battery and engine problems are just part of them. This is where vehicle storage places in Dubai come into play.

By storing your car in one, you can save yourself the headache of worrying about it being stolen or in worse condition than you left it in.

Store your vehicle at Vachi Storage Dubai Today

Using a car storage service in Dubai is a great way to keep your car in tip-top shape. However, finding the right company to store your vehicle is also significant. Whether you need somewhere to store your convertible, are taking a vacation, or just no longer drive around, Vachi Storage has you covered. Our convenient and affordable car storage Dubai facilities are highly secure, with 24/7 surveillance and unique access code entry.


In addition, with climate-control features, you can rest easy knowing your stored items are well protected and safe with one of the best storage companies in Dubai. If you need to secure your luxury car, contact us today to see how we can help you.