Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Cameras at Vachi Storage Dubai

Video surveillance cameras are one of the most frequently used security tools in warehouse storage Dubai facility. They are made to record video footage of what happens and store it in a cloud-based system that one can easily access remotely to monitor multiple locations.

From gated entries and exits to personalized codes, lights, and on-site supervisors, security comes in many forms at a warehouse storage Dubai unit. However, an effective and up-to-date CCTV surveillance camera is perhaps the most crucial form of security in any storage solutions facility, especially in Dubai.

Most storage solutions providers in Dubai come with many acres in size and situated away from busy roadways. That, coupled with all the valuable assets they contain, makes them prime targets for criminals. CCTV Surveillance cameras can become a famous bull’s eye to protect your belongings against criminals.

In this article, we will look at few of the many ways they ensure complete safety of your valuables.

Offers 24/7 Monitoring Coverage

CCTVs can monitor every place in the facility 24/7. Additionally, digital surveillance is superior to tape storage as cameras provide enhanced visibility into who is entering and leaving a warehouse storage Dubai facility at anytime of the day.

CCTV surveillance cameras capture clear images – depending on the lighting of the area – and track anything or anyone with your belongings. Hence, it is better than constant monitoring, as it makes it easier for security personnel to locate what they’re looking for if there is a break-in. 

Using a storage service in Dubai with CCTV surveillance cameras translates to intentionally keeping your stuff in trusted hands. As a result, you will be more confident that your essential belongings are secured 24/7. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Most storage solutions Dubai providers with CCTV cameras typically have insurance costs. Insurance companies significantly consider the risk tendencies of persons, buildings, and properties that seek to be insured.

Although no company or organization is immune from theft, warehouse storage Dubai facilities with CCTV would have a reduced insurance premium because they do not have high-risk tendencies compared to other self-storage for businesses without CCTV.

Offers Prevention

CCTV surveillance cameras and excellent lighting across your self-storage unit help to discourage criminal activities. Who would consciously commit a crime in front of a security camera? 24/7 monitoring associated with CCTV surveillance cameras helps prevent your stuff from possible security breaches. And when such events happen, your valuable can easily be tracked for retrieval.

Keep Record of Past Activities

CCTV surveillance cameras do not only discourage crime, but they’re also excellent for recording activity when perimeter security is non-existent. Thanks to their large storage, high-resolution, and excellent zooming features, Vachi storage gets a clear view of everything happening on-site, even while you are away with our on-site security teams of any suspicious activity. Ultimately, this information can serve as evidence if a criminal activity takes place within our cheap self-storage Dubai facilities property.

Generally, CCTV surveillance cameras offer peace of mind!

Wrapping Up

Renting a cheap self-storage Dubai facility comes with many benefits. From guaranteed safety and security and more, these highly secure spaces provide a safe space to keep your valuables without breaking the bank.

With Vachi Storage, you enjoy secure access to a second home for all your belongings, whether short-term or long-term, without the risk of any item being compromised. Get in touch with our storage specialists to guide you through the process and find the right deal for you.