Why 24/7 Air-Con is Important for Self-Storage

The acquisition of belongings is an activity that occurs every day worldwide as human needs are insatiable.

However, more critical than acquiring properties, the protection of these possessions for durability matters, especially if there is a need for relocation or renovation.

As the name implies, a self-storage Dubai unit is an enclosed facility that helps keep possessions either for a short or long time to protect such items from debris, theft, damage etc.

Temperature fluctuations usually occur in this enclosed space for various reasons. These fluctuations in temperature, therefore, cause these self-storage units to have cool spots near loading bays and hot areas on shelves where the airflow is restricted.

Therefore, it is essential to use a climate-controlled self-storage Dubai facility to ensure the temperature remains constant. This is where the need for 24/7 air condition units becomes important in self-storage for businesses.

Do you reside in Dubai and are unsure why using a storage service in Dubai with 24-hour air conditioning is important? Well, we’ll look at some reasons that will help you understand just how important it is to store your sensitive items in a climate-controlled storage facility in Dubai.

Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Exposure to heat can cause cracking, peeling, warping, and even melting, especially if it happens over a long period.

With the UAE’s hot weather climate, metal objects like instruments and electronics are prone to expansion, contraction, and ultimately rust. A fully air-conditioned business storage facility is essential for such items to protect and maintain their quality.

Another expert tip is to avoid wrapping electronics in plastic because they trap moisture.

Protects Your Items from Mold and Mildew

The UAE’s weather climate comes with high-humidity that are an ideal environment for the spreading of mold and mildew that can destroy your valuables. Besides, items made from paper, such as books or paintings, are highly susceptible to wood rot, resulting in yellowed, fragile pages and complete ruin in extreme cases.

With high-humidity summers resulting in fungal development, using an air-conditioned storage service Dubai ensures that your valuable stuff stays dry and clean. A fully air-conditioned self-storage unit with minimal air humidity will help to eliminate mold, mildew, and fungal growth.

Reduces Odor

Frost and freezing temperatures can seriously damage items containing liquid, from engines to batteries. Also, mold can result in an odor; removing this smell from clothing and furniture may be difficult.

Therefore, a fully air-conditioned atmosphere will prevent mold growth and consequently reduce bad odors, thus preserving your belongings for an extended period. Another important tip is to wash clothing before storing – no one wants the spread of fungus spores on their items while in storage.

Improves Air Quality

On a final note, air conditioners aid adequate air circulation in self-storage Dubai facilities. Asides from humidity and temperature-sensitive materials getting damaged, air-conditioning also gives you the topmost level of comfort when you stop by to check your items in your storage unit or when you are ready to retrieve your stuff.

This improves the air quality, giving more room for your items to breathe, and making them better protected from dust and debris.

Generally, storing your belongings in a fully conditioned storage facility Dubai is vital to ensure a constantly calm environment and limit moisture interactions.

Final Thoughts

It is no big secret that self-storage units have made it incredibly easy to free up your home or office space in Dubai.

But before you send away your items to a cheap self-storage Dubai facility, you should ensure that what you are storing can withstand any change in temperature. Otherwise, your stored items could be in pretty rough shape, no matter how well they are kept. 

At Vachi Storage, we provide affordable and convenient climate-controlled storage Dubai units for your items that need special care. All of our climate-controlled units are fitted with air conditioners that run 24/7 to ensure your belongings stay in the same condition you brought them in.

Contact our storage experts today to learn more about our climate-controlled storage services.