Benefits of Door Alarms for Self-storage Security Systems

These days, self-storage Dubai solutions providers like Vachi Storage are getting more creative in providing security measures in their facilities. With the continuous evolution of technology, such forward-looking companies have an excellent array of options from which to choose.

Today, we will discuss the individualized door alarm, a cutting-edge technique providing an extra security layer for your items in a storage solutions Dubai facility. An individualized door alarm combines the best uses of connectivity and integration to keep your belonging safe. As the name implies, it is an alarm set off when a door is used.

The flexibility of this piece of tech allows its use for a variety of access points, like windows and cabinets.

These alarms are specific, meaning they are specific to each self-storage Dubai unit and allow only authorized individuals to access your storage unit. Access is usually given with the use of a pin code, and if anyone without the right credentials attempts to get into your storage unit, you, as well as the authorized personnel in the facility, are immediately alerted. Certain features of this door alarm system make it particularly attractive to both facility managers and renters.

Let’s check them out.

Monitoring and connectivity

The individual door alarm systems have all the features of traditional techniques (flashing lights and sirens). In addition, they allow high levels of monitoring of your self-storage Dubai unit. The system includes security cameras, access controls, and impervious locks, which allow tight watch over the building and make it easy to transmit information about any anomalies.

Access control system

The access control system puts the power in your hands as the individual storage space renter. It provides only a few authorized people with access to the unit, ultimately increasing the security level of your precious belongings. The finer details and complete specifications of the access control system depend on how their installation and whether it’s a wired or wireless system.


The individual door alarm system at Vachi storage solutions Dubai is integrated with other technology to grant you more functionality with your unit. With such a system, you can obtain information about the goings-on in your storage unit and have greater access with the push of a button and in real-time. Such a level of accessibility put the minds of you and the facility managers at rest.

Better security

The combination of all the other features means that overall, a storage company using an individual door alarm system does better in terms of security than one without it. With such, you feel more secure and confident that your belongings are in good condition and are protected from any intrusion. It also helps storage companies get better reviews as there are fewer reports of breaches in the facility.

Rent a Storage Solution with Monitored Individual Door Alarms

Self-storage companies provide a valuable service for you. They provide you with a home away from home to store the most treasured of your belongings when you need to declutter. They also serve as an intermediate space when you are in the middle of a move. Security is, therefore, paramount in any situation that warrants the use of a storage unit, and individual door alarms will provide you with that, and a smooth experience at Vachi Storage Solutions Dubai.

All our self-storage units are clean, secure, and fitted with door alarms to ensure the total safety of your valuables. Get in touch with our storage team to learn more about our storage solutions in Dubai today.