The Importance of Locks and Secure Self-Storage

One very crucial reason for renting out a self-storage Dubai unit is security. After decluttering, carefully selecting the items you want to keep, getting them secured is next on your checklist. Apart from renting from a cheap self-storage Dubai company that prioritizes the security of their client’s belongings, you should also pay close attention to the locks you use.

Granted, some storage solutions Dubai companies provide locks for their clients, in addition to any security measures in their facilities. However, it is generally up to you to find a secure lock for your storage unit. To do this properly, you need knowledge of the different lock types available.

Check this list out:

Padlocks: this is perhaps one of the most common lock types you will see around. It is typically made of a steel u-shaped shank attached to a body and is usually opened with a key.

Combination locks: These locks use a rotating dial with a set of numbers to open them. In design, they are like padlocks, except that you need the right combination of numbers to unlock them. They are characteristically easy to use.

Disc locks: Like the name, these locks are disk-shaped. They typically have the thickest shanks and are made of stronger steel than other lock types. They also feature short shanks that make cutting extremely difficult.


Of the different locks, the most suited for your self-storage Dubai unit is the disc lock. This is the most difficult lock to break into and provides the most security for your valuables

Going further, you should note that how secure your storage unit is, depends, to some extent, on how you think about your security. Yes. We assure you that if you develop a conscious mindset about safeguarding your business storage Dubai unit, you will be better for it. There are certain factors to consider when choosing the best lock system for your storage unit.

Get Your Money’s worth

Sometimes, you only realize how worthy it is to pay a premium price for a lock for your self-storage Dubai unit after a break-in attempt was foiled. With an item like locks, the more you are willing to pay, the better off you are. Stave off all thoughts of going cheap on a lock and get one that will serve you well.

Think strength, think security

It is easy to combine strength with security. When faced with several locks, always go for the ones with the best toughness. Your ideal bolt should be able to last through different weathers and over a long time. It will also save you some costs in the long run as you won’t have to replace them frequently.

Use reviews

Just like you chose your storage company in Dubai after hearing good reviews about it, you can select an excellent lock using other people’s experiences with it. All you must do is carefully choose where you get your information on. Always go for storage solutions Dubai providers with locks that consistently feature on trusted industry websites. You can’t go wrong.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Locks are a necessary supply when looking to move your stuff into self-storage Dubai unit. But remember, the level of security you get will depend on how well your storage company invests in it. If you want assurance of security and quality service, choose Vachi storage.

Our storage solutions Dubai come with high quality locks that ensure your valuables stay in exact condition you brought them in.  Contact our storage experts today to learn more about our storage Dubai services.