How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Need to rent a self-storage Dubai unit but have no clue on the right storage size for your items?

Storage units are a great way to keep your things safe and secure. However, not everyone has the exact same self-storage needs.

For some, small storage space is just enough, while others may need ample storage space to store large items. To meet these varying needs, having a clear understanding of size guides is key to choosing the right self-storage Dubai unit for your items.

But where do you even start? To get the right fit, we’ve put together some tips to guide you on just how much space you’ll need before renting a self-storage unit in Dubai. Let’s get started.

Make a list

A significant factor that goes into determining how much storage space you’ll need is what kind of items you want to store and how many.

In finding the right fit, it’s essential to list every item you plan to keep in your self-storage Dubai unit. Then, you can consider how your item size, fragility, and shape will affect how they are packed to get an accurate storage sizing.

Can your belongings take up all your garage space, or will they easily fit into your closet? Do you have several small to mid-size items or a few big items like tables or couches? Are you going to loosely pack them away, wrap them or place them in storage boxes?

Considering these factors when doing inventory will give you a clue on how much space your things will take up. This way, you can choose the right size when renting a self-storage Dubai unit.

Measure your Stuff

While picturing your stuff is away to know how much self-storage Dubai space you’ll need, getting an exact estimate on how much storage space you’ll need take feels much better.

Measuring your stuff is a great way to estimate how much space you’ll need. You can list everything you want to keep in your self-storage Dubai unit and jot down their dimensions beside them. Tough? Yeah, right.

Measuring your stuff may seem challenging, but trust us when we say it might save you a lot of stress when it’s time to put them away in a self-storage unit. Just imagine moving your couch to a self-storage Dubai unit only to find out it’s a few feet wide or can’t even fit through the storage unit door. That’ll be a shame, right? So, grab a measuring tape and MEASURE.

Find out about Self-Storage Unit Sizes 

Researching some of the self-storage unit sizes available is another way to figure out just how much space you’ll need to store your things away. Here we’ve put down some storage sizes you’ll come across when using storage solutions Dubai.

25 sq ft unit

Roughly the same size as a small closet, this storage unit size is an excellent option for storing a room’s worth of furniture and many small moving boxes. So if you’re looking to free up some space or declutter your wardrobe; this is the ideal storage unit for you.

Other items you can store inside a 25 sq ft self-storage Dubai unit include;

50 sq ft unit

Around the same size as half a dorm room, a 50 sq ft self-storage space is an excellent option for anyone looking to move house or store business stock.Items including large pieces of furniture and electronics can easily fit in without barriers.

Other items that easily can fit in a 50sq ft of self-storage Dubai space include

Anything that can fit in a 25 sq ft storage space plus

100 sq ft unit

Picture the size of an average single-car garage. Huge, right? That’s just how much space a 100sq ft storage unit comes with. This self-storage Dubai space can accommodate slightly more significant items and is ideal for those who are renovating a home or office space.

Items you can fit inside a 100sq ft of self-storage Dubai include

125 sq ft unit

Offering an ample amount of space, a 125-square feet storage space provides more than enough space to store larger pieces of furniture, belongings, or even jet skis. They can accommodate computers, desks, and other computer equipment during office relocation or renovations.

Other items you can fit inside a 125sq ft of storage space include

Use Storage Space Calculators

Storage space calculators are a great way to determine just how much self-storage space you’ll need in Dubai.

Many allow you to determine what items you want to store and just how many of them you’ve got. Then, based on your storage needs, they generate sample sizes that can accommodate your items. If you’re having difficulty finding the right fit, then online storage calculators are definitely something to use.

Turn to Vachi Storage Solutions Dubai for Guidance

Renting a self-storage unit in Dubai isn’t rocket science. But it’s a process that can be made much easier with some planning, especially when identifying just how much storage space you’ll need.

You wouldn’t want to rent a self-storage Dubai unit that’s too small or big for your storage needs. Instead, you want one that’s just the right fit.

Vachi Storage offers clean, secure self-storage units for anyone looking to keep their items safe and secure in Dubai. From 25 square feet up to 300 square feet, our self-storage units in Dubai are available in several different unit sizes to accommodate a variety of uses. Our team is always happy to help you navigate the world of storage unit sizes, so get in touch now for more information or advice.